About The Blogger


I am Faryal and I am happy that you stopped by my site. I am a freelance writer and the creator of Blogs Drive. I live in Cheshire with my husband and two cheeky boys, Huzaifah and Hamzah.

I love to learn things that would make one’s life simple and happier. I talk about focussing on positivity around us and I happily adopt the positive change. I am very consistent and dedicated with my priorities. I love to write about parenting, lifestyle and getting organized.

I moved to UK in 2012 after completing my Business studies, so English is not my first language but I have coped with it. I was born in Pakistan and Urdu is my main language. I am a person who reads about 20 blogs in a day but newspaper is not my cup of tea. I am so pleased to have people like you, reading about what I have to say and express.

My husband is an IT Consultant (Yes, Business and IT goes well together) and my elder son is 2 years old (nearly 3 soon) and the little boy is 7 months old.

I can be reached at faryal.ibrahim@blogsdrive.com

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